The Cleaner Smoking
Experience You Can See


Filter420 is a new way to experience your favorite pre-roll joints. Our patented filter helps remove tar and other naturally occurring toxins safely.



Get the full flavor of your favorite strains and filter out harsh smoke with the only premium joint filter that you can see working. Filter420 give you a cleaner, healthier smoking experience, in seconds.

Breathe Easier with Filter420 - Customer Smelling Jar of Cannabis

Simply squeeze the patented rubber tip and insert you pre-roll joint. Light and smoke as usual. No extra effort is needed. When the filter indicator turns dark brown, dispose, and open a new package.

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The science

of a Healthier Smoke

Filter420 works using a centuries-old principal of physics called the Venturi effect. There are no chemical or mechanical parts. Tar and other organically occurring toxins are removed from the joint, naturally.

  1. Tip

    As you inhale, smoke is pulled in through the rubber grip that connects your pre-rolled joint to the body and into a restricted opening inside the filter’s first chamber.

  2. Chamber

    When smoke exits the first section of the filter, air expands into the larger main chamber, throwing harmful tar solids outwards towards the inside of the filter body.

  3. Mouth Piece

    Remaining tar catches on the silicone beads and clean “cold” smoke passes through last stage of the filter into a sterilized plastic mouth piece, giving you a robust flavorful hit, without the burn.

Joey Brabo

Joey Brabo

Respect My Region
“The most exciting part of using [Filter420] its ability to clean the smoking experience up to the point of absolutely zero coughing. Since I’m a heavy cougher, I would definitely recommend using these filters.”
Nikole Trickler

Nikole Trickler

Don't Fear the Reefer
“I was surprised to find that the filter actually made this the smoothest smoke I’ve had in a loooooong time! I could ACTUALLY smoke a full joint without coughing!”
Erica Leong

Erica Leong

Bud Tender - Diego Pellicer
“I’m always concerned about my teeth getting brown, sooooooo yassssssss this caught a lot of the residue and my teeth are bueno!”

Order Online

Don’t live in Washington or not in range of a store that sells Filter420? No problem! Now, you can order online.

Each online order contains 4, 3 packs of Filter420.  Each package contains three filters.


Filter420 FAQ Logo

Do You Sell Bulk?

Filter420 sells in bulk to applicable resellers. Cases are available for direct shipping on orders of at least one case.

Does Filter420 Completely Remove Tar?

No. It’s next to impossible to remove all tar from any organic product. However,  you’ll be able to see a significant amount of visible tar collecting inside the filter body, when used.

Are Filters Recyclable?

Though filters are composed of food-grade plastic and silicone, we do not recommend trying to recycle them, as tar and other toxins have collected in the filter body.

What Do the Silicone Beads Do?

The silicone beads found inside the main chamber’s body, help catch and retain tar solids as smoke is pulled through the filter.

Can I Reuse a Filter?

Yes. Each Filter420 is designed to be used multiple times, filtering at least 2 grams or more before being disposed of. With three filters to a package, you can get up to 6+ uses out of each pack.

How Much Does Filter420 Cost?

Filter420 usually retails for $4.99 per pack of three filters. Retailers may further discount based on bulk purchasing.

Does This Filter Out THC and Other Cannabinoids?

Filter420 is a filter for pre-roll herbal joints, and has not undergone tar testing of THC nor cannabinoid products. As with any herbal joint, Filter420 filters out heavy tar particles that would normally begin to coat your mouth and throat. While the vast majority of smoking byproduct has vaporized at this point in the smoking process and gets inhaled, an unappreciable amount can naturally remain trapped in these particles.

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