• Styles Of Joint Tips and the Differences Between Them

    You may not think about it, but you’ve probably smoked through a joint filter a hundred different times. It usually comes in made of cardboard with the word RAW scrawled on the side in bold red font. Most pre-rolled joints found in medical and recreational dispensaries are equipped with this simple device. Joint filters provide […]

  • How Medical Cannabis Users Can Get a Cough Free Smoking Experience

    Cannabis is all the rage in recreational drug use in states like Oregon, Washington, and California. While many adults are trading after work drinks for joints and bong rips, plenty of people are only interested in the plant for its numerous medical benefits. Cannabis has been used as a medicine for years and science is […]

  • Why Does Smoking Weed Make Me Cough?

    One of the most common sounds in a smoking circle is the veritable symphony of bronchial irritation – a cacophony of hacks and coughs as a newly opened preroll gets sparked and makes its way around the circle.  If you’re anything like the rest of us though, you’ve often wondered why. No matter how irritating […]