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Medical Marijuana on Table - Filter420

How Medical Cannabis Users Can Get a Cough Free Smoking Experience

Cannabis is all the rage in recreational drug use in states like Oregon, Washington, and California. While many adults are trading after work drinks for joints and bong rips, plenty of people are only interested in the plant for its numerous medical benefits. Cannabis has been used as a medicine for years and science is expounding on its many different benefits and uses. Cannabis consumption methods have also greatly expanded beyond just smoking. Applying cannabis lotions topically, ingesting them orally and sublingually, as well as several different types of vaporizer options are all legitimate methods of using cannabis medicinally.


However many medical cannabis users still want to enjoy a joint with the friends after a long week or skip other methods of cannabis consumption altogether. Inhaling smoke into your lungs is harmful, even cannabis smoke. The tar and plant material can cause bronchial irritation after heavy smoke sessions or years of constant use. If you want to smoke there are some helpful tips to mitigate the smoke’s harmful effects.


Take smaller hits and hold your hit in for less time. It’s an urban legend that holding your hit in for longer gets you higher. Don’t believe the hype. While holding a hit deep in your lungs comes with a visceral satisfaction, it’s not great for your lungs. Cutting this habit out might lead to less wheezing and hacking over time.


Looking deeper into the type of cannabis you’re consuming may alleviate some bronchial discomfort as well. Unfortunately, not all cannabis brands have high standards in healthy product production. Some flower contains pesticides and many pre-rolled joints contain artificial flavoring. These additives may add to the coughing equation. Talk to your local budtender or cannabis retail purchaser about which brands are pesticide free and what their recommendations for the safest cannabis on their shelves.


Another way to reduce the number of chemicals inhaled with your cannabis smoke is to switch from lighters to hemp wicks. When you spark a lighter and inhale, traces of butane is mixed with the cannabis smoke as it travels into your lungs. This also gives each hit a cleaner taste to the trained pallet. Use a lighter to spark a hemp-wick and roast your joints and bowls with a healthier alternative. Using organically grown hemp-wicks adds another level of consumer protection.


If you’re a preroll fan Filter420 offers a great option to reduce coughing. This small device fits in the palm of your hand and can be used with any regular sized pre-rolled joint and blunt. The filter uses a clever trick of physics called the Venturi Principal to separate hot particles in cannabis from the actual smoke. Silicon beads inside the body of the catch these particles preventing them from reaching your throat and helping to prevent the phlegm that can lead to coughing. Each device can filter two or three grams and you can even see the tar build up right inside the body. These devices can be purchased in individual packages and wholesale orders.

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