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What Are Joint Filters & Why Use One - Filter420 Blog Hero

What Are Joint Filters & Why Use One?

Joint smoking has been around a couple hundred years in its modern form. Recreational joint smoking was started by Mexican field hands in the late 1800s and brought to America by Mexican immigrants when they started migrating north for more opportunity and a piece of the American dream. Joint smoking really hasn’t changed in the 200 or so years it has been around, but what goes in and on your joint has been majorly overhauled in recent years.


It’s not only the flower that has taken leaps and bounds forward but joint filters as well. Joint filters or joint crutches are little devices that act as a mouthpiece between your lips and joint. Joint filters serve multiple purposes and increase the user experience of smoking a joint.


Reduce “Scooby Snacks” – Scooby snacks are the unwanted scraps of cannabis that stick to your lips and tongue after hitting the joint. Joint filters create a barrier of separation between the flower and your mouth and completely negate the scooby snack phenomenon.


Reduce Tar – While cannabis has numerous medicinal benefits, smoking cannabis can be hard on your lungs. Cannabis smoke releases many of the same carcinogens that are found in cigarettes. I’m not saying smoking cannabis is equivalent to smoking cigarettes, but inhaling smoke into your lungs isn’t great for lung health period. Joint filters can catch some of the extra tar and chemicals found in smoke, reducing bronchial irritation slightly.


Reduce Burns – Joint filters add a barrier of separation between your fingers, lips and the burning embers. Many times the heat from a joint roach will scorch your fingers or lips.


Reduce Coughing – Reducing the tar will also reduce the amount of coughing experienced while smoking. Some users suffer from bronchial sensitivity and are hit with major coughing attacks after just a few hits of cannabis. A good joint filter will help reduce coughing fits, but how much really depends on the user.


Construction – Joint filters add a level of structural integrity to any pre-roll. The filter creates an anchor point when rolling and helps keep the joint intact when it’s being passed between multiple people.


No More Roaches – Joint filters allow you to smoke the entire roach and reduce wasted weed.


Filter420 Joint Filter – Filter420 has taken the joint filter a few steps further. Filter420 has engineered a pre-roll filter that can be used for filtering out toxins. Filter420 joint filters can be bought wholesale or in packs of three for individual use. These devices are constructed out of sturdy sterilized plastic that is safe to breathe through and won’t break when it’s in your pocket.


The device has three sections; the tip, chamber, and mouthpiece. The tip has a bright green color to easily show where the pre-roll is inserted. The chamber is filled with silicon beads that do the majority of the work, catching tar and chemicals in cannabis smoke. The mouthpiece prevents any heat from the embers hitting your fingers or the back of your throat. You visibly see the tar build up through the clear plastic, giving a clear visual representation of the gunk that was kept out of your lungs.

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