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How to Make a Joint Crutch - Joint on table, from flower to smoked.

How to Make a Joint Crutch (Filter)

The lowly crutch; definitely one of the more under-appreciated tools of the joint smoking experience.  Today we’re going to get into how to make a top-notch joint crutch , but first, it’s important to understand what crutches do. 


At their base, crutches improve the smoking experience and increase the structural integrity of your joint. When attached to the wrap correctly, the crutch (filter) acts as an anchor point for your joint. The filter also acts as a Scooby snack trap between your lips and unwanted scraps of flower or resin. by holding your joint together, making communal smoking a little more sanitary.


While constructing a filter may take a few extra minutes, you’ll notice the extra time spent while smoking.


You can manually design the desired airflow of the joint through the filter. Blunt and joint smokers prefer different smoking styles – some people roll loosely to take fat rips and blow smoke tricks; others roll tighter to keep the smoke small and slow to reduce coughing. The filter itself catches tar as well, which can reduce coughing.


Blunt and joint roaches will become a thing of the past when you master crutch construction. Crutches provide a crucial barrier from the embers/cherry and your lips/fingers. This will save your precious dollars and get the most out of your stash.


How To Roll A Joint Crutch that Hits Perfect

  1. Pick material – Almost any type of cardboard or thick paper will work. Some people worry about chemicals or inks having adverse reactions to heat. If you’re worried about that, make sure to find a dye and ink free construction paper, but note cards, cereal boxes, magazine subscription cards, etc will work just fine. You want something sturdy that doesn’t wilt when some saliva soaks into it.
  2. Make initial folds – On one side make several (3-4) initial accordion folds. DO NOT crease these folds, as you risk making your filter’s airflow to constricted.
  3. Wrap material around folds until snug. You’re basically rolling the extra paper around the folded portion of the crutch.
  4. Remove extra material – Wrap the extra material until its snug. Remove extra material if necessary.
  5. Get creative – There are a hundred different ways to design a joint crutch. Get creative and claim crutch constructor god status amongst the stoner circle.

More ways Than One

If you’re a little more health conscious or are just going after a super clean hit, the Filter420 joint filter can add an extra layer of protection from tar and removes the hot particles that cause coughing. This small preroll joint tip will fit most joints with a hand-rolled or store-bought crutch. Just pinch the tip, insert the joint into the green end, spark up, and enjoy a cleaner smoking experience.


The Filter420 device uses a pretty nifty physics trick called the Venturi principal to leave hot tar particles caught on silicone beads inside the filters, than your throat.

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