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How To Get A Healthier Joint

Joint rolling has been around for many years. There are actually many factors that go into a simple joint that can make it a much cleaner, safer, and simply better joint smoking experience.

Pesticide and additive free cannabis is important for the overall flavor and experience. Luckily it’s becoming fairly easy for consumers to purchase pesticide free, or at the very least, weed sprayed organic pesticides like neem oil.

Full flower versus trim or shake absolutely makes a difference in the joint smoking experience. Full flower cannabis contains all  the terpenes and cannabinoids that contribute to the entourage effect, giving you flavors and effects that truly represent the strain. Full flower cannabis that has been properly cured has a clean grey ash and is much easier on your throat and lungs while inhaling clouds or smoking joints back-to-back.


A Healthier Joint isn’t Just About the Flower

Spark up with a hemp wick instead of just using a lighter. Holding up a lighter and inhaling trace amounts of lighter fluid is a regular part of most peoples joint smoking experience. Hemp wicks will negate any lighter fluid ending up in your joint. Many consumers relate anecdotes about cleaner tasting joints from switching from open flame to hemp wicks.

Chemical free joint papers can make your joints taste cleaner. It’s easy to find these at any smoke shop. Classic joint paper producer RAW has even released an organic hemp line of rolling papers to appeal to the ultra-health-conscious consumers.

Use a joint filter. You can grab healthier organic RAW cones or just take the few extra minutes to construct a joint filter out of cardboard. Joint filers will catch some of the residual tar from the natural effects of burning plant material.

Start using hemp wraps over blunt wraps. Tobacco-based wraps do add an extra level to the high but are unquestionably more hazardous to your health, there are cancer warnings on every label. Hemp wraps roll and smoke similar to blunt wraps, but allow the cannabis taste to shine in the same way joint smoking offers.


Cut Out the Bad Stuff

Around 85 percent of the world’s joint smokers still use tobacco with them in the form of spliffs or blunts, according to a report by The Conversation. Eliminating tobacco use will increase the safety of smoking rolled cannabis exponentially. Spliffs, like blunts, offer a fantastic cerebral effect to the high. Nicotine is a known and proven mental stimulant. There’s no doubt that cutting out the tobacco will make your joint smoking experiences more healthy.

Filter420 makes a joint filter that can also serve as an extra barrier between the cannabis and your lungs. If you’re extra sensitive to cannabis smoke and you’re tired of hacking your lungs out just to enjoy some rolled cannabis, Filter420 pre-roll filters might help alleviate some respiratory stress.

The filter420 joint filter is a small device that fits in the palm of your hand and can be used with any regular sized pre-rolled joint or blunt. This device uses silicon beads to filter out natural tar and particulates that can add to issues with coughing and phlegm build up. Each device can filter two or three grams of cannabis and come in three packs.

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