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Battle of the Strains! The Best Flower For an Incredible Smoking Experience

Shopping for cannabis strains nowadays is more like perusing through a Baskin Robbin menu. All of the new exotic flavors you see it can be hard to make a decision. That’s where the classics come in; the strains that you’ve smoked a hundred times but get the job done every time.

New Flavors You Can’t Miss

GMO is also known as GMO cookies or Garlic Cookies. The musky Chemdawg was crossed with the sweet GSC to create a vividly unique strain that has biting flavors reminiscent of garlic itself. The stinky terpene profile smells like something strange out of the spice drawer, you’re either going to love it or hate it. It’s a strong indica-dominant hybrid that is used to relax and relieve pain in the process.

London Pound Cake is a mysterious new strain created by the Cookies Fam out of California. Frosty purple flowers with stout grape-berry terpene profile give this strain a strong following. London Pound Cake has multiple stand-out phenotypes like 53 and 75. Something about this strain’s decadent name paired with undeniable stoney effects makes this flower an unrivaled smoking experience. True London Pound Cake can only be found in select Cookies locations in California.

 Somoa Cookies is a brand new branch on the Cookies family tree. A blend of GSC’s forum cut and Face Off OG. It’s a robust strain that has lemony kush aromas along with its sweet earthy base. Don’t let lower THC percentages fool you, this strain packs a long-lasting stoney punch. Dense flowers break down into fluffy piles, perfect for filling blunt and joint wraps end to end.

Gelato 33 was spawned from the Sunset Sherbet strain, one of the most hyped strains on the shelves today. Gelato 33 backs up all that hype with deep purple flower exuding sweet gas aromas. The balanced relaxing high leaves users relaxed and euphoric, but not knocked out of commission.

Tropicanna Cookies is a bubbling sativa strain, despite what it’s purple coloring may tell you. This hybrid strain was created by breeding GSC with Tangie, but it’s the Tangie side of the genetics that really drive this strain’s experience. Loud orange and citrus terpenes caress your senses whether you’re smelling the bud or burning the flower. Orange flavors will cling to your lips minutes after you pass the joint and leave you with a buzzy cerebral high.

Classics For A Reason

Northern Lights is a classic indica strain that has quite the reputation around stoner circles. This strain descended from some of the original Thai and Afghani landrace strains and is rumored to have gained its notoriety in the Seattle area, according to Leafly. Northern Lights 5 is the phenotype that carried this plant into mass popularity. It’s associated with sweet-earthy flavors and a creative relaxing high that you simply can’t find anywhere else.

Dutch Treat is another strain that found its footing in the Pacific Northwest but has also made quite the reputation for itself across the seas in Amsterdam’s coffee shops. No doubt tourists and hardcore stoners alike find the sweet pine terpenes delightful. The strong head high borders on paranoia, but it’ll keep you moving for quite some time. This strain’s unique aromatics come from a specific terpene called terpinolene. This terpene is associated with numerous medical benefits like anti-inflammatory effects.

Cherry Pie is the choice for mind-melting relaxation and a mouth full of flavor. Grandaddy Purple’s indica traits overwhelmed Durban Poison’s sativa nature just enough to create another representative of the indica family. The purple and green flowers make a vibrant background for bright orange hairs that coil and around the buds like neon lights.

OG Kush is a pillar of cannabis genetics. Its name has graced a thousand rap rhymes and has been crossed six-hundred ways from Sunday to help create many of the strains on this list. The original Girl Scout Cookies was created with OG Kush and it became a bonafide sensation. Many long-time smokers swear by OG Kush for their own reasons; some like the terpene profile which is somewhere between heavy earth and a citrusy-lemon. Others love the in-your-face high that seems to envoke the mind as much as it relaxes the body. Either way, most people find something to love in this cannabis genetic matriarch.

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